Last year I set out to make my first fashion film. It was a long winding road to get it finished, with lots of learning along the way.
I wanted it to be an all-woman creation, and took my time trying to find just the right people to work with. My friend, stylist Sachi, was instrumental in finding people to collaborate with. (I don’t know what I would do without you! <3) I took a lot of chances as well, and reached out to people I never thought would say yes, but who did.

Eventually, the list of collaborators was comprised of 16 women, both behind and in front of the camera. We gathered in Fort Greene and shot it all in one day.

There was very little time for me to micro-manage everything, so I had told everyone involved in creating the visuals what vibe I wanted, and showed them some mood boards, and then I left them to work their own magic into the shoot. I had bought about 3000 pearl stickers and handed them out to everyone, asking them to be incorporated somehow. Michaela Bosch put her spin on it with pearled eyebrows and lash lines, and florist Brittany Asch placed them like dew drops on the floral arrangements.

The film premiered with great a great review in November, 2018 on Oyster Magazine.

ABOUT THE FILM: Swedish fashion designer Lina Michal gathered sixteen women in a Brooklyn brownstone to collaborate on a fashion short; their creation — RITUALS — suggests that femininity is the result of considered action, not a natural physical trait. Pastel hues, silks and jiggling orchids adorned in pearls are contrasted with sticky makeup, peeling face masks and the piercing of an ear with pin and apple. Here, the feminine is part sugarcoated treat, part sacrifice. The absence of men, in the film’s production as well as its imagery, inverts the expected audience for whom these rituals are performed. These feminine acts — glossy, cute, at times gross— are performed by women, for women.